Reserving your seat to space

All seats to fly to space are $250k and all deposits are refundable.*.

Pioneer Astronaut

US$250k full payment up front
Join the community of over 700 future astronauts
Exclusive access to Galactic events, milestones and trips
Pioneer welcome and confirmation package
Guarantee the price of $250k for your spaceflight

Spaceship Charter

An exclusive spaceflight for you and up to 5 friends
Charter welcome and confirmation package

What happens between confirming your reservation and your flight to space?

Join the greatest Club in the world!
We do an enormous amount as a community of future astronauts.
These are just a few of the experiences enjoyed by those who have already confirmed reservations :

Travelled to see the spaceships being built in California and to Spaceport America in New Mexico to see test flights of the spaceship and carrier craft.

Trained on a centrifuge facility in Philadelphia and on zero gravity parabolic flights throughout the United States

Hosted by Sir Richard Branson at his private island in the Caribbean, game reserve in South Africa, chalet in the Swiss Alps and estate in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. They have even stayed in the Ice Hotel in the Arctic and visited Spaceport Sweden.

Be amongst the first to receive exclusive news on project updates and milestones

Once you confirm your reservation you will be given a full list and invitations to the upcoming milestones, events and holidays. Remember to gain priority access you must complete a Pioneer reservation.

*All reservations are subject to the Virgin Galactic Deposit Terms and Conditions


This is your first step to becoming an astronaut!

All seats to fly to space are US$250,000 and deposits are refundable.*

Please click here and take a moment before you complete the booking form to choose which reservation option is right for you.

The sooner your reservation is made, the sooner you will be traveling to space! The full payment is due at time of booking and will guarantee the earliest available seat.

You will be joining our community of over 700 future astronauts which has become one of the most exclusive clubs in the world!

Once confirmed, you're given priority access to a variety of Virgin Galactic events.  Our future astronauts have visited Necker Island with Sir Richard Branson, completed G-force training, celebrated milestone powered test flights in the Mojave Desert and much more.


We hope to welcome you on board soon!

-The Team at Virgin Galactic.

*All reservations are subject to the Virgin Galactic Deposit Terms and Conditions

Let’s get started!

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Alternatively you can book through one of our Accredited Space Agents around the world.
They have been specially selected and trained by us to handle all aspects of your reservation.

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