LauncherOne Updates

March 02, 2017

Welcome, Virgin Orbit!

Our world class team has been steadily and diligently building capabilities in three related areas: human spaceflight operations; small satellite launch; and advanced aerospace design, manufacturing, and test. To remain leaders in these three fields, we have grown our organizational structure to match the industry landscape. Focused companies produce excellent outcomes, and while a diversified… Read More

April 11, 2016

Shrinking Satellites Have a Growing Impact

The space industry today is as more exciting than ever, with inspiring missions in work all around the planet. New technology and new investments are making possible things even die-hard space aficionados couldn’t have imagined a decade ago. Some of these new missions are bigger, faster, and more complex than anything ever before attempted. But… Read More

March 17, 2016

‘Cosmic Girl’ 747 Modifications Underway

In December, we announced that we are now the proud owners of a 747-400, a part of our growing fleet of air and space vehicles. This beautiful airplane, coincidentally nicknamed Cosmic Girl, will serve as the dedicated carrier aircraft for our small satellite launch service, LauncherOne. Beginning well before that announcement, we’d begun the hard… Read More

December 03, 2015

Virgin Galactic Welcomes ‘Cosmic Girl’ To Fleet Of Space Access Vehicles

At an industry partners event today in San Antonio, Texas, Richard Branson and our small satellite launch team announced more important news in the development of our exciting LauncherOne business.. Due to high levels of demand for both SpaceShipTwo human spaceflights and LauncherOne small satellite missions, Virgin Galactic has decided to have a specifically dedicated… Read More

November 23, 2015

NASA Announces Partnership With Virgin Galactic’s LauncherOne

Last week, NASA announced that it had selected Virgin Galactic as a partner in its Collaborative Opportunities program. As part of this new partnership, NASA will provide Virgin Galactic with technical expertise and access to test facilities to aid the development of our LauncherOne small satellite launch service. Specifically, NASA’s Ames Research Center experts will… Read More

October 14, 2015

Virgin Galactic Wins NASA Contract To Launch More Than A Dozen Satellites On LauncherOne

We’re designing LauncherOne to help researchers and innovators get their satellites into space affordably, responsively, and reliably, because we know that small satellites can successfully complete a staggering array of different types of mission. That’s why we’re excited and proud to announce today that NASA has purchased a flight on LauncherOne through its Venture Class… Read More

October 14, 2015

NewtonThree rocket engine, First Stage of LauncherOne Orbital Vehicle, Achieves 90 Second Hotfire

Recently, we shared a video showing a recent test of the NewtonThree rocket engine that powers our small satellite launch vehicle, LauncherOne. Even in the short time since then, our in-house team of engineers and technicians has made excellent progress. Today, we’re pleased to share a new video showing a ninety-second test firing of the… Read More

September 28, 2015

LauncherOne In-House Rocket Propulsion Team Achieves Key Test Milestones

Alongside the great work happening with our human spaceflight program, our LauncherOne team has been making steady progress on all of the key components of our dedicated small satellite launch vehicle LauncherOne at our custom-built test stands in Mojave. Check out the video below to see the latest successful test firing of the NewtonThree main… Read More

September 14, 2015

Big Value for Small Satellites: Announcing Improvements to LauncherOne

The exploration of space provides important benefits to life here on Earth. Because of their relatively low cost and quick development timelines, small satellites specifically are incredibly appealing both to established satellite users feeling the reality of fixed or declining budgets and to new entities looking to undertake their first space missions. But despite their… Read More

June 25, 2015

Virgin Galactic Signs Contract with OneWeb to Perform 39 Satellite Launches

LauncherOne’s Flexible Capability to Enable Global Connectivity. We have some great news to share: we have signed a contract to perform 39 satellite launches for OneWeb, a company that seeks to use satellites to provide affordable internet connectivity to the planet. In addition to the firm commitment for 39 satellite launches—which is already one of the… Read More