Performance and Specification

Performance and Specification

Flexible and affordable

LauncherOne is custom designed to provide an affordable, dedicated ride to orbit for smaller payloads. No longer will small satellite users be forced to make a choice between the limitations of flight as a secondary payload or paying dramatically more for a dedicated launch vehicle,or dealing with the added complexity associated with export control requirements and international travel to distant launch sites.

To fully leverage the flexibility of LauncherOne and the ability to fly from the broadest possible range of potential launch locations, exact up-mass capability will be calculated based on the specific requirements of each mission. As a general rule, LauncherOne in its most typical configuration will be capable of delivering on the order of 500 lb (225 kg) to low inclination Low Earth Orbit, and 225 lb (100 kg) to a higher altitude, Sun-Synchronous Low Earth Orbit. Other configurations may offer significantly greater performance.

The maximum allowable payload volume is quite large for a launch vehicle of this class. Payloads will be accommodated within a fairing approximately 40 inches (1 meter) in diameter, with a cylindrical shape for the first 30 inches (77 cm) and a conical section above. 

Additional information will be provided in the LauncherOne Payload Users Guide, coming soon. 

Performance and Specification

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