Our Goal

Virgin Galactic's goal is to end the exclusivity attached to manned space travel, which means designing a vehicle which can fly almost anyone to space and back safely, without the need for special expertise or exhaustive, time consuming training.

Health & Fitness

Virgin Galactic aims to make sub-orbital space accessible to anyone with a dream to view the Earth and experience microgravity. As with most adventure sports and experiences it is your choice to participate. However, Virgin Galactic's first priority is safety; of the vehicles, the crew and our passengers. Although we don't expect many medical restrictions to prevent people from flying, we will not jeopardize your safety if we believe you are at risk.

This will involve some pre-flight medical checks. Early indicators show that the required medical assessment will be simple and unrestrictive and that the vast majority of people who want to fly will not be prevented from doing so by health or fitness considerations. This was demonstrated by our Founder customers who took part in a centrifuge training activity which replicated the G-forces which will be experienced in flight. 81 customers took part in this activity, from age 22 to 88. 93% fulfilled the training successfully. Virgin Galactic is committed to making every effort to make space travel as inclusive as possible and get you up there.

Photograph by Mark Greenberg Photograph by Mark Greenberg
Photograph by Mark Greenberg Photograph by Mark Greenberg


Pre-Flight Experience Program.

Our goal is to provide you with the most incredible experience of your life. The trip will be intense, exhilarating, and the more that can be simulated beforehand, the better the real thing will be.

There will be 3 days of pre-flight preparation, bonding and training onsite at the spaceport. Learning how to make the most of your time in microgravity and tips on how to be the most comfortable in macro gravity will form an important part of your preparation. We expect to use the WK2 carrier aircraft, which will feature a duplicate SS2 cabin, as an integral part of the preparation experience.

Photograph by Mark Greenberg For more on the ZERO-G Weightless Experience™, visit GoZeroG.com.

Your pre-flight preparation will ensure that you are mentally and physically prepared to savor every second of your spaceflight. Basic emergency response training, prescribed by our regulators will be at the forefront. Activities to familiarize you with the spaceflight environment will follow a close second.

Everything about your pre-flight and flight experience will be recorded and provided to you to relive the experience and share it with your family and friends.

Virgin Galactic is currently working with spaceflight and aerospace medical experts to detail the content and timing of your training program.

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