LauncherOne Performance


LauncherOne is your satellite’s dedicated ride to orbit

With improved payload performance, class-leading payload accommodations, and the ability to accommodate both existing standard or new and customized form factors, LauncherOne appeals to a broad variety of satellite mission designs.

Since LauncherOne is an air-launched system designed from scratch to be flexible, our launch services are highly customized to suit each mission’s specific requirements. Operating outside of the US federal launch range system, our service can select launch coordinates tailored to our customer’s specific orbit and can operate independently of many of the external factors that can delay ground based launches, such as weather systems, offline radar tracking assets, “boats in the box,” and traffic jams on the increasingly crowded Eastern and Western ranges. Because of this high degree of customization, payload capabilities are best calculated for each customer based on their specific needs.

For a price below US $10 million, LauncherOne will now be able to launch 200 kg into the standard Sun-Synchronous Orbit most commonly desired by small satellite missions, a marked increase from the system’s originally projected performance to that orbit. Customers will also be able purchase even further increases in performance to the same orbit, as well as launches that reach other altitudes or inclinations.

Additional information is available in our LauncherOne Service Guide.