June 25, 2015

Virgin Galactic Signs Contract with OneWeb to Perform 39 Satellite Launches

LauncherOne’s Flexible Capability to Enable Global Connectivity.

We have some great news to share: we have signed a contract to perform 39 satellite launches for OneWeb, a company that seeks to use satellites to provide affordable internet connectivity to the planet. In addition to the firm commitment for 39 satellite launches—which is already one of the largest commercial contracts for satellite launches in the history of the industry—the agreement also gives OneWeb options for an additional 100 satellite launches.

When we first started working on LauncherOne, OneWeb and many of the other customers we plan to launch satellites for didn’t even exist. Now, these companies are having an increasingly important role in our industry—and indeed, in our world. What’s more, we firmly believe that with important missions like connecting the world’s unconnected, small satellites truly have the potential to change our world.

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L1 Performance Image June 15