Future Astronauts

We are a new and global group of space explorers.

For centuries, humans all around the world have dreamed of flying to space. For decades, people have been able to watch as others actually made those journeys, heroically opening a new frontier. Now, at last, space travel is open to all of us. It still requires time, resources, and effort, but for the first time in history, space exploration is a possibility for everyone who dares to dream of it.

Meet Our Future Astronauts

The global group of Virgin Galactic Future Astronauts in many ways represents the most exciting club on Earth. Our Future Astronauts come from more than 50 nations around the world. More than half of those nations have never celebrated a space flight for one of their fellow citizens before; more than a dozen more nations will see their first woman travel to space. Our Future Astronauts span in age from under 10 to over 90. They come from diverse backgrounds. They practice many professions, and speak many languages.

Our Future Astronauts have formed an engaged, vibrant, and active community, united by a shared passion for the future of commercial space and an overwhelming desire to experience space for themselves as soon as is safely possible. Every member of this community receives privileged insider access to our program as it unfolds, as well as frequent opportunities to interact with each other through an incredible program of unique experiences and adventures, many enjoyed alongside our founder, Sir Richard Branson.

All of our astronauts will have an experience that is both fun and life-changing, but they are also doing something more. Our community of Future Astronauts know that their participation in the earliest days of the world’s first spacemen is a unique opportunity. Not only will they be among the first humans ever to fly into space, they will also shape a pioneering program with a lasting legacy, one that will truly open the space frontier. Like the earliest adopters of any other technological breakthrough, they are the pioneers who help further a new experience until it is truly affordable and open to all. They have also founded a charitable program called Galactic Unite to help the next generation of space pioneers. The power of this community has already changed lives, and each astronaut will continue to make a difference long after they have flown.

If you are interested in learning more about our Future Astronaut community, please leave your details here and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.