Generation Galactic

Galactic Unite works in collaboration with Virgin Galactic Future Astronauts, partners and staff to deliver measurable and scalable initiatives that provide a wealth of powerful resources for STEM students and teachers. This shared vision has led to a number of community outreach initiatives and partner collaborations around the world, which are contributing to the creation of “Generation Galactic”.

Community Outreach

Spacechat With Virgin Galactic!

Our virtual field trips provide online interactive experiences bringing “space” directly into the classroom, where every student gets to talk personally with Future Astronauts and a diverse range of staff from Virgin Galactic and The Spaceship Company.

We have partnered with the Google Science Fair, Challenger Center and Google Connected Classrooms to deliver a series of virtual hangouts that bring the spaceship factory and Future Astronaut experience into the classroom.

Check out one of our previous Spacechats, as part of the Google Science Fair Hangout on Air series.

If you’re a space-hungry student or a teacher fascinated with space travel then we’d love to hear from you! Sign up your school or a classroom for an opportunity to Spacechat with Virgin Galactic and you’ll discover that you don’t necessarily need to be a rocket scientist to work in the space industry!


Partner Collaborations

Over the next five years we believe that through powerful partnerships we will have made a significant impact in the effectiveness and growth of our current and future programs that will encourage and inspire students and young entrepreneurs globally to recognize and achieve their full potential.

Land Rover 4 x 4 In Schools Technology Challenge

With Land Rover as Virgin Galactic’s exclusive automotive partner, we have been working together to encourage young people to aspire to a future in STEM. We see huge potential to leverage the partnership to inspire others and motivate more young people to pursue careers in these vitally important fields. Among other initiatives, Land Rover and Virgin Galactic collaborated on the 4×4 Land Rover Challenge. A section of the competition required students to build a four wheel drive vehicle capable of towing a scale replica of SpaceShipTwo around a model of Spaceport America. Check out this short video of the Land Rover 4×4 Technology Challenge World Finals.

Google Science Fair

Virgin Galactic has partnered with the Google Science Fair, a global online competition for students aged from 13 to 18 and is now open for submissions. The competition brings together global partners including Google, Lego Education, National Geographic, Scientific American and Virgin Galactic, and inspires students to pursue their curiosity and foster their interest in science and technology. The event culminates in a Grand Final event at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California ultimately celebrating the innovators and scientists of tomorrow.

This partnership embodies what Galactic Unite is all about and celebrates our shared passion and vision to inspire the next generation.

We are proud to sponsor the Virgin Galactic Pioneer Award which honors a student who uses an innovative, hands-on approach to solve some of the greatest engineering challenges. For more information visit Google Science Fair.


Student Launch Program

The first initiative of Galactic Unite was to create a partnership with the New Mexico Space Grant Consortium (NMSGC) and its Student Launch Program. Student Launch is part of NASA’s Summer of Innovation Program which, through competition, provides school students annual access to space for experiments from Spaceport America in New Mexico. The goal of the Student Launch Program is to inspire students to find answers to global challenges through space exploration. The program engages and encourages students to pursue a science-based education by providing the opportunity to build and launch scientific experiments in a sub-orbital rocket. The winning experiments are sent into space on NMSGC-provided sounding rockets, students are then able to retrieve the collected data and make additional analysis based on the results.


African Digital Education Trust (ADET)

Our Future Astronaut Timothy Nash founded the African Digital Education Trust (ADET), a digital education and technology not-for-profit, which has developed an edu-tech training campus in Westbury, a low income township in Johannesburg. Through this, ADET is providing students and teachers with training courses covering computer literacy, blended learning, differentiated classrooms, educational leadership, digital teaching plans and the use of STEM digital content,

Galactic 5000 is a pilot program with 6 schools in South Africa and 3 schools in Tanzania which includes analysis, training, technological infrastructure and the implementation of digital STEM core curriculum products. This program also includes scholarships for teachers and students from the ADET partnered schools by experts in STEM teaching plans and computer literacy.



The SUMMIT: The Power of Inclusion

Introducing an inaugural occasion for a unique learning and growth experience, brought to you by the International Symposium for Personal and Commercial Spaceflight (ISPCS) and Virgin Galactic.

After many years of collaboration, Virgin Galactic and the ISPCS saw a need for our industry to expand our behavior to devise ways that we can embrace together a more diverse and inclusive workforce.  We want to lead and help be a part of the intentional evolution in human work experience that values an inclusive workforce. Whether you are involved in a start-up or work in an established company, the challenges for work teams continue to evolve. We choose to view the challenges as opportunities to grow and continue to improve the way that we do business and interact with each other.

The SUMMIT is a highly interactive workshop experience held at Virgin Galactic’s Gateway to Space facility at Spaceport America in New Mexico.