Astronaut Training

This is how you will prepare for space

Richard Branson training for his trip to space

Virgin Galactic aims to make space accessible to almost anyone who dreams of viewing the Earth from space and experiencing weightlessness. However, our first priority is safety: safety of our passengers, safety of our crew, and safety of our vehicles. Although we don’t expect many medical restrictions to prevent people from flying to space with us, we will not jeopardize your safety if we believe you are at risk.

Our goal is to provide our astronauts with the most incredible experience of their lives. The trip will be intense and exhilarating, and the more accurately it can be simulated as training beforehand, the better the real thing will be.

Each astronaut will take part in three days of pre-flight preparation, bonding, and training onsite at Spaceport America, the world’s first purpose-built commercial spaceport. Learning how to make the most of time spent in microgravity as well as tips on how to be the most comfortable in macrogravity will form an important part of the preparation.  Pre-flight preparation will ensure that each astronaut is mentally and physically prepared to savor every second of the spaceflight. Basic emergency response training prescribed by our regulators will be at the forefront. Activities to aid familiarity with the spaceflight environment will follow a close second.

Virgin Galactic has spaceflight and aerospace medical experts on its team to ensure each astronaut is safe and ready to fly. Of course, traveling to space will never be completely free of risk—nothing truly worth doing ever is. Because of the speeds and energy levels associated with reaching high altitudes, space travel always has and always will carry some inherent risk. So, just as we make our vehicles safer through smart and elegant design, we prepare our astronauts through medical check-ups and tailored training programs.