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Who We Are

Meet the men and women of the world’s first spaceline.

Virgin Galactic is comprised of hundreds of dedicated and passionate professionals — including rocket scientists, engineers, and designers from around the world — united in creating something new and lasting: the world’s first commercial spaceline. A spaceline for Earth. Our team brings decades of experience from organizations like NASA, traditional aerospace firms, and other Virgin companies. We are here because we believe we are at the vanguard of a new space industry that is defining the future of exploration and that we will ultimately make space accessible to more people and for more purposes than ever before. It is a large and difficult undertaking; but through our efforts, we believe we can help inspire future generations and make it possible to see the beautiful planet we call home from a new perspective.

Our sister Virgin space companies are helping open access to space to change the world for good:

The Spaceship Company, manufacturing vehicles of the future.

Virgin Orbit, launching the small satellite revolution.