Our Culture

Virgin Galactic is creating the world’s first commercial spaceline, a spaceline for Earth.

Virgin Galactic is part of an incredible story that has been thousands of years in the making, driven by the deeply human need to explore our universe, to innovate new and lasting technologies and to create a better future for our society and our planet.

The Virgin Galactic team with our Future Astronauts

To do this, we have assembled a global community of future astronauts that are proving that there is a robust market for human spaceflight. We have also assembled a world class team of engineers, technicians, mission controllers, and many others who have spent their lives pushing the boundaries of technology and exploration. Our team is made up of established leaders from directly relevant programs, including:

  • the team behind the $10M Ansari XPRIZE-winning SpaceShipOne;
  • pilots from Royal Air Force, US Air Force, US Marine Corps and NASA Astronaut corps;
  • aircraft experts from Lear, Cessna, Scaled Composites, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and others;
  • test and safety leadership from the US Air Force, United Airlines, and more;
  • operational experts including a former NASA Space Shuttle Launch Director and NASA’s former International Space Station Assembly Manager.

Virgin Galactic’s dedication to finding the best people has resulted in a unique and colorful place with a deep sense of purpose along with a strong culture of safety and achievement. Our collective mission is to create the world’s first commercial spaceline, and as we do this, safety is our North Star. It is the thing that guides us as we strive to meet our goal of opening the space frontier. Safety is the responsibility of every single employee at Virgin Galactic and The Spaceship Company. Each functional team has its own internal safety lead, and each group’s policies are overseen by our senior safety officers.

Our safety culture impacts much more than test flights. It informs how we operate on our manufacturing floor as we build SpaceShipTwos, WhiteKnightTwos, LauncherOnes, and all their constituent parts. It guides us as we conduct tests of the Newton liquid rocket engines that will one day power LauncherOne into orbit. Our aspirations reach toward the stars, but our culture is rooted in a dedication to safety for our team and our customers.

Virgin has always strived to create amazing experiences and space will be no exception. We are putting the Virgin touch into every aspect of our spaceline– from the training, our fleet of spaceships, the interior cabin, and astronaut flight suits, all the way to the original architectural design and interior design of Spaceport America in New Mexico.

Our team is unified by the dream that, for the first time in human history, people all around the world will have the ability to go beyond our planet to experience the magic and majesty of space—to feel the freedom of weightlessness and see the Earth from a new perspective. We believe that it all starts with making space more accessible to countless more people than have ever been there before and inspiring and enabling a new generation to reach for the stars.